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Even though games are no longer actively produced for the Play Station 2, Cheat still posts new tips and hints for all Play Station games...including those that cross over from PS2 to the Play Station 3, or maybe that you used to play on your old original Play Station system.Artifacts including The Dagger of Xian are in her museum.-From: David Nield and Andrew Holland Flares in Lara's home Press the button beside Lara's bed which was the gun cabinet in Tomb Raider 2 for flares.Choose the starting letter for the Play Station 2 game you're looking for, or browse our most popular games and cheats for PS2. A Play Station 4 owner used the system's new live-streaming feature to share his drunk, presumably unconscious wife's breasts with an online gaming community for roughly 15 minutes, according to Game Revolution. This is then broadcast not on the boob tube but through the live video streaming platform Twitch. The couple was drinking while sitting on their couch, but everything went south after she passed out.

If you entered the code correctly, Lara will scream.

We're always looking for ways to improve your gaming experience, whether on the latest, or older older gaming systems such as the PS2.

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"In addition to our own efforts, the Twitch community is unique in that it likes to flag content they suspect or know is a breach of our To S," a spokesman for Twitch told the gaming glob.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson David Wilson said: ‘The Play Station4 system is designed to help gamers share their game play through popular social channels.

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