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"If there was free software which accommodated me, and you recommended it from a security viewpoint, I would use it." The free e-filing options provided by the IRS cover certain segments of the population, chiefly those earning less than ,000 a year.Vincent Balice of Elyria would never file electronically -- cost or no cost."I would be remiss in speculating about 'always' with regard to the method by which taxpayers file their returns," said IRS spokeswoman Jennifer Jenkins.She notes that IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman has talked about a "real-time" tax system in which all information is sent to the IRS electronically before a so-called "return" is prepared."The goal of this initiative," the IRS said, "is to improve the tax filing process by reducing burden for taxpayers and improving overall compliance upfront." Until that happens, the IRS is developing new ways to move more people toward e-filing: It now requires paid tax preparers to e-file their clients' returns if they file 10 or more tax returns a year.And it has launched "free fillable forms" so that people can complete their returns online and file them, even if they did the calculations on paper."I have talked to computer experts, and no matter how safe a site is supposed to be, encrypted or not, it can be hacked into," Balice said."Note that governments including ours, banks, credit card companies, Internet sales companies, universities, etc.

"I like to make notes in the margins of the forms and publications and underline or highlight anything that pertains to my return," Reinker said.

I trust something in front of me on paper much more than everything going through on the computer." Russell Tadych of Mentor is more opposed to the cost.

"I am not going to spend for software when I am perfectly happy spending 45 cents [to mail the return]," he said.

"Why should I pay through the nose to save the government money? "What rational individual wants to pay or more to save the government ?

" Diane Deuring of Pepper Pike looks at it much more simply.

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