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She founded the conservative websites Twitchy and Hot Air. as a journalism fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, For years, Malkin was a frequent commentator for Fox News Channel and a regular guest host of The O'Reilly Factor.Malkin began her journalism career at the Los Angeles Daily News, working as a columnist from 1992 to 1994. In 2007, she announced that she would not return to The O'Reilly Factor, claiming that Fox News had mishandled a dispute over derogatory statements made about her by Geraldo Rivera in a Boston Globe interview.But the 33-year-old Williams and 28-year-old Timpf represent younger voices that Fox News lacked.When the decision to shift “The Five” to primetime was made, Bolling initially thought he would make the move but Fox News execs had different plans.With Bill O’Reilly out, Fox News had to reshuffle its decks — and fast.The network hasn’t missed a beat, continuing its 15-year run atop all direct competitors.

At least one story he told the AP just doesn’t check out: The Sunni mosques that as Hussein claimed and AP reported as 'destroyed,' 'torched' and 'burned and blown up' are all still standing.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported receiving an email from Malkin saying that this forced her to remove one of her children from school and move her family.

Another controversy involving private addresses began on July 1, 2006, when Malkin and other bloggers commented on a New York Times Travel section article that had featured the town where Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld owned summer homes.

So the credibility of every AP story relying on Jamil Hussein remains dubious." Malkin has since issued a correction for her denial of Hussein's existence, "I relayed information from multiple sources—CPATT, Centcom, and two other military sources on the ground in Iraq—that the Associated Press's disputed source, Jamil Hussein, could not be found." [...] "I regret the error." In April 2006, Students Against War (SAW), a campus group at University of California, Santa Cruz, staged a protest against the presence of military recruiters on campus, and sent out a press release containing contact details (names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) of three student leaders for use by reporters. If you are contacting them, I do not condone death threats or foul language.

Malkin included these contact details in a blog column entitled "Seditious Santa Cruz vs. As for SAW, my message is this: You are responsible for your individual actions. Grow up and take responsibility." then her private home address, phone number, photos of her neighborhood and maps to her house were published on several websites.

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