Adultos chow room Chatroom for elder women for fun

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So not wanting to wear those stupid looking blue disposable ones, I looked into purchasing a few.

After seeing the outrageous prices some companies were charging, I set out to make my own. I couldn't find a decent *free* pattern online so I ended up just creating my own. Supplies needed: - 1/3 yd of Main Fabric of your choosing.

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First off, I've been buying every episode as soon as it's released on the PS3. Yes that's right, this cartoon was created from two project's that J. Quintel made for College (Two in the AMPM/Naive man in Lolliland).Final outcome: One Awesome looking surgical/scrub cap modeled by my good friend Totoro! May need a premium account to download the content. The smaller piece: take a sheet of regular paper (8.5 x 11), fold it in half, draw a curved line to make the head shape. And was wanting to make one for my brother in law..Great for work, halloween costumes, christmas gifts, cooking, shower cap, etc... I would love to know how your scrub hats turn out : D I'm working on a men's version of the hat. When you unfold the paper, it should be symmetrical. I love this and would love a male version of this hat. If I sign up for pro will I be able to download actual pattern pieces or will I have to create my own either way? I saw at the end of the post you said that you were working on a male size/version...(If 44 inches wide, should be enough for both pieces) - Accent Fabric (or scrap fabric) that is at least 8 1/2 by 11 inches - 1/2 inch wide Elastic Band - Ruler and/or Measuring Tape - Pins - Scissors - Sewing Machine and Thread (matching your fabric) - Iron/Ironing Board You will need to cut out two pieces of fabric. Sew Main F and Top F together leaving an 1/4 seam along the edge. Start with either the left or right side of the thick portion of the hat.One of for the main body of the hat and one for the top. With the fold facing the outside, fold Main F in half with the thick end on the left. When you get to the flat portion of the fabric, pin the middle of Top F to the middle of thick portion of Main F. After sewing the two portions together, flip the hat. About 4 inches from the edge, sew the elastic down on the inside of the flap.

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